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Wrapping Up a Historic Budget Season at the County

After decades of underfunding County services and programs, this new Board of Supervisors has taken unprecedented steps to begin rebuilding and reshaping the priorities represented in our County budget. 

Years of organizing and coalition building have laid the groundwork for these historic changes, and created opportunities for partnerships with elected officials to design a budget that prioritizes equity and investments in workers’, tenants’ rights, youth, and immigrant communities.

The County of San Diego's FY 2022 Budget Includes these ISDF Priorities:

Office of Labor Standards Enforcement

Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

Immigrant Legal Defense Fund

Cash Aid for Excluded Workers

Youth Environmental Recreation Corps

Tenant Counseling & No-cost Legal Services

Hazard Pay for County Workers

Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT)

Doula Care Access Pilot Program

Free Phone Calls for Individuals in Incarceration

We are proud of the progress that has been made; however, a lot of work still needs to be done. We need to ensure that these offices, policies and programs are implemented with our values in mind.

Despite many new community investments, the County continues to overfund policing and incarceration, including a $95.6 million increase in the Sheriff’s Department budget with little accountability to the public. We need transparency and accountability on how County funds are spent and we will continue calling for an audit of the Sheriff Department’s budget.

More than 1900 people participated in the budget process and advocated for equity this year. Thank you to everyone who took action!