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FY 23 County budget updates

Last year the Invest in San Diego Families coalition fought for and won funding for programs, services and policies that have the power to change people’s lives. But, we know that’s not enough. We need to make sure programs are implemented with our values in mind and that people are able to access these critical services. 

The partners in the ISDF coalition have been tracking the implementation of each program and following up with community members to see if they are able to get the services promised. 

Below are updates on what is still needed for each program:

What is this program?
What do we still need?

Doula Care

This program is designed to create better health outcomes for low income families and communities of color by providing assistance during the birthing process and after the baby comes home.

Economic Assistance for Excluded Workers

This fund is designed to help low income immigrant workers who are excluded from state and federal benefits from being displaced, losing income, but the County has not distributed the money allocated.

Free Phone Calls for Incarcerated People

This program is designed to make sure people incarcerated in local jails are able to maintain needed connections with their loved ones without being exploited. The Sheriff’s Department has not provided an update on how they are implementing this program. We need to ensure people have enough time to talk to their loved ones, and that phone access is not taken away as punishment.

Immigrant Legal Defense Fund

This fund is designed to make sure immigrants facing deportation in San Diego County have legal representation.

Language Access

The language access policy is designed to remove language barriers that have historically excluded San Diegans from full democratic participation, and accessing the information, programs and services provided by the County.

Menstrual Hygiene Access

The Free 4 Menstrual Equity pilot program was designed improve public health and reduce infections by making sure everyone has access to menstrual hygiene products. Access to menstrual hygiene needs to be expanded to more County facilities.

Mobile Crisis Response Team

This program is designed to provide people with the resources and healthcare they need by having behavioral health experts respond to emergency calls related to a mental health crisis.

Office of Labor Standards & Enforcement

This office is designed to be a place where workers can get information about how to protect themselves from wage theft, unsafe working conditions and receive help in filing claims against their employer. Additionally the office will proactively investigate wage theft and enforce the County’s labor laws.

Tenant Counseling and Legal Services

This funding helps ensure low-income tenants have greater access to information, counseling, and legal representation.

Youth Environmental Corps

This program is designed to provide opportunities for youth to access green jobs.